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  • Court Rules in Favor of IELC, Pres Gambeeram

    Court Rules in Favor of IELC, Pres Gambeeram

    In 2014, a suit and an Interim Application were filed by one Mr. Baulsundar against IELC Nagercoil Synod, President Gambeeram and other officers not to interfere in the administration of the IELC. The Nagercoil Sub-court […]

  • A Grant Opportunity for IELC Schools

    A Grant Opportunity for IELC Schools

    For IELC affiliated schools, the LCMS is providing a new grant opportunity. The deadline of 30 September is fast approaching, so fill out the application and apply soon. Please read the entire grant announcement and […]

  • CTS Scholarship Opportunity

    CTS Scholarship Opportunity

    For Lutheran students of the IELC, the LCMS is providing scholarships of up to $500 USD per scholarship to attend Concordia Theological Seminary, Nagercoil. Rev. Dr. Edward Naumann developed this program to help support IELC […]

  • IELC Church Building Destroyed

    IELC Church Building Destroyed

    A couple of weeks ago, The Deccan Herald reported that Faith Lutheran church had their church building destroyed on the evening of Thursday, May 26. Faith Lutheran Church is in Pillanna Garden. The destruction of the […]

  • Open Letter from Rev. James

    Open Letter from Rev. James

    An Open Letter from Rev. Roger James At the request of the IELC, Rev. Roger James, LCMS Area Director for South Asia, wrote this open letter details events occurring within the IELC, particularly clearing up […]

  • IELC President Rev. S. Rajagambeeram

    Open Letter From IELC Pres

    An Open Letter to the IELC While Pres. Gambeeram originally posted this letter in February of this year, the details are still helpful for understanding current events. In the letter, Pres. Gambeeram notes the lies […]

  • IELC and LCMS Partner to Rebuild School Buildings

    IELC and LCMS Partner to Rebuild School Buildings

    The IELC and the LCMS partner to build new classrooms for an elementary school in Vaniyambadi. In 1917, LCMS missionaries started an elementary school in Vaniyambadi, Tamilnadu. This IELC aided elementary school is in the […]

  • Cows for Widows

    Cows for Widows

    Throughout the Scriptures, God gives special protection for widows. Psalm 68:5 declares, “Father of the fatherless and protector of widows is God in His holy habitation.” Or again in Psalm 146:9, “The Lord watches over […]


IELC History

In 1894, The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (LCMS) established the Missouri Evangelical Lutheran India Mission (MELIM) organization to send missionaries to India. A year later, the LCMS called former Leipzig Mission missionaries, Rev. Theodore Naether and Rev. Thomas Mohn to serve near the city of Ambur. They became the first LCMS missionaries to serve in a foreign mission field.

In 1912, work expanded to the city of Trivandrum and eleven additional missionaries were sent before the start of World War I. MELIM did not send missionaries during WWI, and repatriated nine of the seventeen missionaries. As WWI drew to a close, MELIM celebrated twenty-five years of service and nearly 1,700 baptized members.
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